Tennessee State Football Player “Fighting for his Life”

Prayers up for Christion Abercrombie, the Tennessee State player who collapsed this pass Saturday against Vanderbilt as he was walking to the locker room for halftime.

Christion had commented to his coaches and that he had a headache on the sideline before he collapsed. He is at the moment fighting for his life after being taken into emergency surgery because of brain swelling.

Vanderbilt staff looked at the film extensively to find out when the injury had occurred in the game,  and from the videos of Christion on the field, there was not a moment where it looked like he took any hard hits to the head.

His Mom is confident that he will make it. She says he is a fighter, and he’s been fighting since his birth in 1998 when he was a pre-mature infant. Christion is responding and she says he responds much more to music. One of his favorite songs is “Let it Rain” by Bishop Paul Morton.

Christion was a redshirt freshman at Illinois before transferring Tennessee State University. He is the second-leading tackler on the team.

Our prayers are with him and his family.

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