Kansas City whipped the #1 Defense in the NFL

Coming into this week, the big game was the #1 offense in the NFL versus the #1 Defense in the NFL. Fans wanted to know which side would be better, and we got our answer. The Kansas City Chiefs offense exploded on the Jaguars Defense to a tune of 30 points.

The Jaguars fell down 23-0 before getting their first score. But the blame can’t be put on the defense. The Jaguars offense stalled in the red zone too many times. The Jags would move down the field and get with in 10 yards of touchdown and then the Jags would turn the ball over. It was like the Jaguars could not run the ball into the end zone.

Jaguars Blake Bortles had a rough outing today. Bortles threw one touchdown and 4 interceptions. Bortles was pressured but not enough to where he could not be productive. Bortles threw for 430 yards on the day, but because the offense could not get in the end zone when they were inside the redone, the Jaguars loss this one.


Patrick Mahoney threw for 313 yards, but he threw 2 interceptions. I would say this game was well played by the Chiefs, but I do expect to see this match-up again. I think the Jaguars loss this game because of silly mistakes rather than the Chiefs being out right better than them.

Jaguars are now 3-2 on the season, and will play the Cowboys next in Dallas. The Jaguars need to sure up some things before next Monday, or we could see this team unravel right before our eyes.

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