Morehouse vs Albany State Halftime review

For a college football game, I’ve never felt so at home. The atmosphere here at B.T. was great. The band had the fans jumping and the player hyped. The game was unlike anything I’ve been to lately, this will not be my last time here at at Morehouse football game.

As for the game, penalties and high risks passes was the story for the game thus far for Morehouse. Santo Dunn has played well, and will need to get the ball a lot more in the second half because he looks un-stoppable.  Although Morehouse had a slow start to the game, Morehouse has been able to capitalize off of Albany State’s muffed punt late in the second quarter.

Morehouse defense has let a few runs get away from them early against Albany State’s Tracy Scott. He has ran through and broken tackles left and right. Albany State Quarterback, Kelias Williams scored the first touchdown of the game with a 15-yard scamper for a touchdown. Kelias, so far in this game, has taken what the Morehouse defense has given him and moved the ball. Kelias drove the offense down the field right before the halftime to take a 17-7 lead over the Maroon Tigers.


Albany State at the half up by 10.



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