The Sad truth: Miami Hurricanes

I love the hype behind teams and franchises, but there are some truths that we dismiss or act like we do not see what is right in front of us.

The Sad Truth is that the Miami hurricanes are not good or great, they are average at best. They are a ranked team that can get knocked out the rankings at anytime. They are a program that can’t seem to get out of its own way, and Mark Richt, no matter how well he recruit, will not win a national title and barely a conference title.

Miami since Ken Dorsey, has not had a solid Quarterback at all. the best quarterbacks since Dorsey has been Jacory Harris and Brad Kaaya. Both were good, but the defenses were horrible, the offensive lines were liabilities at the time.

Miami can’t attract great players or the top tier players because nobody wants to join a team where my development goes as far as a 4th round pick. Some like Joe Jackson, Gerald Willis, and Jeff Thomas are the outliers. For years, fans have waited for the Hurricanes to return to the top of the pyramid, and they haven’t.

Miami will either have a great defense and a horrible offense or a good defense and a average offense. I haven’t seen Miami’s offense dominate statistically against good programs in years.

Miami has benched quarterback N’Kosi Perry after four drives against Virginia because of a slow start. But can you blame him on the slow start. Mark Richt offense is not opening the play book for Perry or his play makers to shine. Benching a player after 2 games of ok play for the guy who wasn’t playing well is crazy.

The question should be asked if Mark Richt believe in Perry as the future of the team or is Jarren Williams the guy?

Until Miami can get better offensive line play and better quarterback play, it will not matter how good the defense is , Miami will never win a National Title or ever make the playoffs.

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