Houston Rockets and the L.A. Lakers fight it out for the first win of the season.

If you thought that the Lakers’ turn around from being a punchline to a championship team would happen over night you were fooling yourself. The Lakers are a lot more competitive then they were a year ago, you can see that in the way they’ve played in their first 2 games.

The Lakers will be the biggest show in any town they step foot in this year. The Lakers will make the playoffs just because of LeBron, but the Lakers will have trouble making it to the Finals. In the first three quarters, the game against the second best team in the Western Conference was tied. The game did not change until two of the Lakers key pieces , Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram, were ejected from the game for fighting.

One reporter asked “LeBron was disappointed in the 0-2 start” LeBron commented “Not disappointed at all. I understand that we will have some early struggles, so I’m not disappointed.”

At this point in the season, LeBron is more of a mentor on the floor than just the best player in the world. At serious moments you can see and hear LeBron teaching and guiding his young teammates on how to win as a team and not play as individuals. I believe that what makes LeBron different from any other super star that has played the game of basketball. LeBron teaches first, then shows you how to do it, and then expect you to execute it at the best of your ability. LeBron finished with 24 its, 5 assist, and 5 rebounds in his staple center debut.


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