Can Trae Young be the Curry of the East

The NBA season has just begun, and we have had so much action that this first week of the NBA had turned into must watch stuff. Usually the first week is only popular for the opening game, but this year is different.

The King of the Eastern conference is in the West playing on the Lakers. The Golden State Warriors begin their 4th straight year making a run at the Finals, and the Boston Celtics are the favorites in the East for the first time since they brought together the so called original Big 3 in Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce.

Now that the King is gone, the East has a few teams that can build properly in the shadows. One of those teams are the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks a few years ago had a competitive defensive team, but they were not built for the Playoffs. The Hawks got ran out of the playoffs like all teams that go up against LeBron and any team he is on. The Hawks missed the playoffs last season, but for good reason. The Hawks were planning for the draft.

The Hawks snagged one of the high profile picks in the the draft in Oklahoma Point Guard Trae Young. Some say he is the next Steph Curry, and he might rightfully so be that. He is on a team that is developing and he is a great shooter. He can drive the lane and create his own shot. He has a nice tear drop floater and he can see the floor like curry.

In his game against the LeBron-less Cavaliers, Young put up 35 points and 11 rebounds. The last player to put up those kind of numbers was guess who, Steph Curry. That was the first win for the Hawks this season.

Only time will tell if Trae Young will get Steph Curry level, but as of now, he is on his way. I would say he would have to stay healthy, but we all know that early into Curry’s career that he was injury pron. His ankle injuries looked to hinder his development, but with time and patience, Curry has become the most dominating Point Guard in the NBA.

At one point, the scouts thought Curry would have to change his game for the NBA, but the NBA has had to change it’s game for Curry. More and more teams are running a fast pace offense with guys who can pull up for three at any point.

The Game has truly changed for Curry, and Trae Young is the byproduct of that evolution.


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