Darius Bazley and Klutch Sports has added an new challenge for the NCAA.

Last week, the NBA announced that they would allow the high school basketball prospects to skip college and play in the G-League instead and get paid. This news had to be because of Lavar Ball’s Junior Basketball Association that would allow the exact same thing. The the G-league will propose.


Although it is yet to be known if the JBA would fold as a league and team up with the G-League, but the NCAA has become the odd man out.

The NCAA has been getting hit from all sides with news of college football players skipping games and ending their college careers early to train for the NFL. Now the G-League has turned into a new way for high school basketball player to get out of playing college ball to play for money.

But the big news today is the news that highly touted high school basketball player Darius Bazley has decided to skip college and the G-League to train for the 2019 draft.

Darius has now teamed up with Klutch Sports, the sports agency started by LeBron James childhood friend, to get paid $1 million dollars by new balance.

The fact of the matter is that the NCAA is in trouble, and they need to figure out how to stop the bleeding or they will go under.


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