Should There be a True High School Football Championship

We’ve seen over the last 10 years high school sports has gotten bigger and bigger, with many of the biggest games shown on national t.v.. The biggest programs compete to start the year, and some find space to compete in the middle of the season as well. At the end of the year, the school that a committee believes is the best team in the country decides to crown them National Champions, and I don’t think that is fair.

Why not make a true High School Football National Champion, why not give these schools true national schedules, why not.

There are teams who are ranked higher than a lot of programs they cannot even beat, but because these teams do not play the better teams in the country, Maxprep has these teams ranked higher than what they should be.

I believe there should be a final 4 or 8 team playoff between the best teams in the country to see who is truly the National Champion in high school football. Some of the top teams play within the first 3 weeks of the football season, knocking them out of the race for the National Title.

Schools in Florida, like Miami Central to be exact, play big games week in and week out. You could say that area of Florida plays the toughest schedule in all of high school. I find it hard to believe that Mater Dei or Bishop Gorman could finish the season undefeated playing a schedule like that. I believe having a true National Championship Playoff for high school would put the discussion to rest on whether or not a school deserves the tag as National Champion.

The biggest High School Football game in Florida will be Miami Central Rockets vs Carol City Chiefs.


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