The Player’s Future over the NCAA Greed

Possibly for the first time ever the players in college, whether football or basketball, have the power to decide on their future more than ever. With the new transfer rule in college football, players deciding to sit out of bowl games and now half a season, and  the NBA announcement to pay players to skip college and go play in the G-league; The sports industry has changed.

For years the NCAA has been the troll under the bridge that blocked players from reaching their dreams. Players had to play at least 3 years of college football to declare for the draft. Players in high school had to go to college for at least 1 season before declaring for the NBA, but for what reason.

Now, the rules are in favor of the Players.  Kelly Bryant, former Clemson Quarterback, took advantage of the new redshirt rule. The rule allows a player to play in 4 games and still retain their redshirt eligibility.

Kelly Bryant led the Clemson Tigers to the College Football Playoffs, but loss to Alabama. Kelly was replaced by 5-star freshman quarterback, Trevor Lawrence. Clemson thought the Senior, Bryant, would sit behind the freshman and support him if he needed help, but nobody is playing college football just to play and participate. Players are  playing in college to get to the NFL.

This statement has been made clearer then ever  when Ohio State star player, Nick Bosa, decided to end his college football season and career early to focus on the NFL draft instead. Nick has dominated college football in his short 2 years of play. He had injured himself early in the season, but scouts still have him as a top -10 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

We got a glimpse of the players power when current Jacksonville Jaguar running back, Leonard Fournette, decided back in college to skip the bowl game for LSU and focus on getting healthy for the draft.

You could even highlight former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett as a player who was first to fight the NCAA for his ability to jump to the NFL before his mandatory 3 years of play in college.

Why take the risk when you are projected to be in the first round of the NFL draft. In that same year, Jake Butt, Michigan’s star tight-end, suffered severe knee injury in the bowl game against Florida State. A would be top-50 pick in that years upcoming draft fell to the 5th round.

The time is now for the players to show their power in college football. If you are a player, stick to your guns and don’t let the NCAA and the coaches take what you worked all your life for.

(Feature Photo Jay LaPrete? AP Photos)

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