The Sad Truth: UCF Football

The UCF Knights has been the most consistent program in the state of Florida for about 6 years. It started with the Fiesta Bowl victory with Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback, Blake Bortles. The Knights have a good program and play as such each and every year, but the sad truth is that the Knights will not be given the respect they want.

UCF does not play a tough enough schedule to warrant consideration into the college football playoffs. UCF is in the same spot Boise State was in almost 8 years ago when the Broncos were trying to get into the BCS Championship Game.

UCF plays in the American Athletic Conference, and before that they were in the Conference USA. UCF has played well in the big bowl games that they are given, but like Boise State, the Knights regular season schedule would be a cupcake for the even the bottom tier power 5 teams. Playing that schedule week after week will only play into the narrative that UCF doesn’t play anyone.

The goal for UCF from now and until it is done, the Knights need to get into the ACC or the Big 12. The Knights would geographically be a better fit in the ACC, but with Miami and Florida State already apart of the ACC, I highly doubt UCF would get an offer.

The Big 12 only has 10 teams, and adding UCF would give the Big 12 a great recruiting market to jump into. UCF, at the moment, does not get the best Florida talent, but if they move into the Big 12 the Knight would challenge Miami, Florida, and Florida State immediately for talent.

So the Sad truth is that it does not matter how bad Miami, Florida, or Florida State gets, they will always surpass UCF when being considered for a College Football Playoff spot.


(Feature photo credit: Streeter Lecka/ Getty Images)

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