What Happened to the State of Florida

Something happened on Saturday that I don’t think has happened in a very long time, but the entire state of Florida that played on Saturday in D1 football loss. These L’s wasn’t just L’s, they were big losses. From Miami getting their butts kicked on Friday to a below average Boston College Football team to Florida State taking their worst home loss in school history.

Oh how the times have changed for the state of Florida. The best talent in the area high schools leave for northern schools, while the kids who do stay lack the development or the proper coaching from the staffs they have and never develop into the players they could and should be.

Miami is stuck in the early 2000s with their pre-historic play calling and unprepared less-talented quarterback. The rest of the team has the talent, but lacks the depth and playbook to full use their talents. I would not be surprised if Miami losses some of their players due to transfers. Nobody wants to waste their college days losing because of the coaches stubbornness to change his play calling style.

Miami’s staff has admitted that N’Kosi Perry is more talented than Malik Rosier, but Mark Richt does not want to put the game into the hands of a young quarterback who can make plays. He even lied about attempting to put Perry in the game vs Boston College. WAKE UP Mark!!! The College football is running past you and you can’t catch up if you don’t give someone else the power to call plays.


Florida State is in the rebuild mode and we can’t say much about their situation that has not already been said before. Jimbo Fisher screwed this entire program up. From the players he recruited to Florida State to the staff he left behind. Florida State is in a complete rebuilding year and I am ok with that. This loss to Clemson was bad, but that loss should go on Jimbo Fisher win/loss column and not Willie Taggart.

Now the Gators are the team, out of the big 3, that is the closes to returning to the top. They loss to Georgia, but it was a more competitive game than the season before. The Gators have a solid head coach who has a great offensive mind. It should take Florida no time to get back to the SEC elite.

Now to the lesser respected programs in the state.

USF took their first loss of the season to Houston. The Cougars came out ready to play as they put up 57 points on the Bulls. USF is known for having a very explosive offense, but the Bulls offense could not keep up with what the Cougars were dishing out. USF defense missed a lot of tackles and were just sloppy today in their first loss.

Hopefully next week we will see better play from the entire state.


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