Alabama State downs Texas Southern 30-21

After halftime, both Alabama State and Texas Southern came out throwing the ball. Texas Southern would score quickly with Tren’Davian Dickson catch and Brad Woodard touchdown run.

This game was close for the most part, but the adjustments made by the Hornets to keep their lead was pivotal in the victory. The offensive line gave KHA’Darris Davis time to throw the ball. The Hornets did not turn the ball over and controlled the field position majority if the second half.

Devin Williams, Quarterback for Texas Southern, would go down with a leg injury that sidelined him for the fourth quarter. After his injury, the game was all but over. One of the keys of the game was for Texas Southern to protect the ball and the quarterback, and the Offensive line for the Tigers did not do that.

The player of the game was the Punter for Alabama State. He downed the ball inside the 20 4 times, and he had two big punts in the final minutes of the game. He made the difference.

Key Players of the game:

Alabama State

KHA’Darris Davis, QB, R-Sophomore

Jeremiah Hixon, WR, Freshman

Joshua Hill, DB, Junior

Anthony Craven, P, Junior


Texas State

Devin White, QB, Junior

Brad Woodard, RB, Senior

Tren’Davian Dickson, WR, R-Sophomore


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