#1 Alabama Rolls against #3 LSU in a classic beatdown

Like most who were anticipating the big game on Saturday between #1 Alabama and #3 LSU, I had the conscious belief that LSU could do it. The stage was set for it. It was a 8 o’clock start in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Most teams would dread that start time against LSU. LSU’s sideline was packed with NFL Elite who had once played in this big rivalry and made their mark. many of who could not crack the Alabama Code, but tonight the stars had seemingly aligned for this match-up for LSU to top the college football juggernaut.

Oh boy was I wrong.

The hope that everyone around the country had for LSU and anybody else who wanted a shot at Alabama was quickly killed. LSU had the defense, the running game, the talent. But what Alabama has is depth, talent, belief, no fear, confidence, 2 quarterbacks, and a wave of talent behind talent.

Alabama beat LSU 29-0, but slowly like Floyd Mayweather has done to boxers for years. Bama’s defense was stifling; giving LSU’s offensive line the business from the jump. Joe Burrow was terrorized all game by Alabama’s D-Line. Bama was able to sack Burrow 5 times on Saturday.

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While Alabama’s defense feasted on Joe Burrow, Alabama’s offense would move seemingly at ease. Alabama’s quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, came into this game with zero turnovers until Saturday night. Tua would throw his first interception. We knew this could possibly happen. But after that interception, Tua would begin to carve up the LSU’s star studded defense with ease. Tua finished the game with 295 yards and 2 touchdowns. He even broke for a 44 yard rushing touchdown with a injured knee. He was magnificent to say the least.

To add insult to injury, Damien Harris ran for 107 yards on 19 carries, backup tailback, Najee Harris ran for 83 yards on 6 carries. It was a complete display of dominance by Alabama.

Oh an I almost for got, when LSU was starting to move the ball on their final possession, Alabama picked the ball of in the end zone, a spectacular interception by Mack Wilson, the linebacker. Wilson went up like a DB, snagged the ball at its highest point, and sealed the shut out in Baton Rouge.

I don’t see how anyone in college football can beat a team who has 2 starting quarterbacks, 5 running backs, crazy talented wide receivers, a tight-end, a brick wall for offensive linemen, a wave of defensive linemen, fast linebackers, and a solid secondary. Alabama showed college football that they don’t have to play the best week after week to know they are the best.

As much as I want to say Alabama can be beat, I just don’t see a team in this decade that could beat this program with that much talent. Most will go to the NFL, maybe not dominate the NFL like LSU or Miami players did back in the day, but they will be playing on Sunday, especially Tua Tagovailoa.

 (Feature Photo Credit: Montgomery Advertiser)

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