College Footballs Top-4

After a weekend of big games, I feel that the top-4 teams in college football made defining statements as to why they should be the best or at least one of the final 4. Without any bias assumptions and guesses, I have a final 4 that I believe we all can agree with.

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide

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The Tide rolled easily against the #3 LSU Tigers in a game the displayed why they are the best. They shutout the Tigers in Baton Rouge with ease. The offense looked strong in the passing game and in the running game. The Tide’s defense made mince meat of the Tigers offensive line and never allowed the Ohio State transfer, Joe Burrow, to get comfortable. Even in the last drive for LSU, the Alabama defense forced an interception in the back of the end zone that personified the entire game. Alabama is just too good at this point to even consider another team at the top.

#2 Clemson Tigers

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Clemson are the ACC’s Alabama. The Tigers are so far ahead of everyone else in the ACC that even the best programs like FSU, Miami, and Louisville are easy. Well all three teams are having horrible seasons and offensive troubles. So that probably wasn’t the best statement. But none the less, Clemson is as good as any team in college football. They have a solid defense with a young bull under center in Trevor Lawrence making the games look easier than ever before. The Tigers running game has looked unstoppable with Travis Etienne blasting through defenses like a semi-truck.

#3 Michigan Wolverines

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Photo Credit: AP Photo/ Tony Ding

Yes I know Michigan loss to Notre Dame in week one, but that was weeks ago literally. The Wolverines have walked through their toughest competition without breaking a sweat. I consider teams records, but I also consider how a team has looked today versus how they looked in week one. They loss to Notre Dame by one touchdown, so I think the recent games have made up for one touchdown. With Shea Patterson under center for the Wolverines, it’s only fitting that I put the Tigers up here with the other top class quarterbacks in their respective recruiting cycles.

#4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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Photo Credit: Jake Roth/ USA Today Sports

The Irish have looked shaky since Virginia Tech. Actually if you look at their record, a lot of their games are close. The games look almost competitive to say the least. Notre Dame is in my top-4 because they are undefeated. The wins they have are good but not a true showing of dominance. The victory over Michigan looks great, but it also looks like they got Michigan before Michigan knew what they were doing as a team. Out of the 4 teams, Notre Dame has the weaker quarterback. I believe the Notre Dame name is the only thing holding them in the top-4, because their record is shaky at best.

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