Is #5 Michigan the Real Deal or Fools Gold?

The wolverines have been in everyones top 10 for awhile now. We have been hesitant to put them inside of the top-4 because we did not want to believe that the Michigan Wolverines are actually back to college football’s elite. But after that 42-7 beatdown they put on #14 Penn State, Michigan might be for real.

Michigan has been missing a key piece to their success and that was an elite quarterback. That quarterback has come from Ole Miss by way of sanctions placed on Ole Miss. Shea Patterson has looked elite all season. Saturday was 11/17 for 144 yards and 2 touchdowns. Patterson also ran for 42 yards and 1 touchdown.

With Shea under center, Michigan can actually make convincing run to the national title. Michigan will have to win two more contest before their annual meeting with #8 Ohio State. Michigans defense also played well too. They have a secondary that can match up against some of the best, Alabama is excluded because of how good they are.

Michigan has not beaten the Buckeyes since 2011, and only 3 times since the turn of the century. This rivalry has turned one-sided, and if Michigan truly wants to be considered back, they will have to beat one the elite teams in college football. The Buckeyes are a little weaker then years previously, losing against Purdue badly and barely beating a weak Nebraska. But like all rivalries in college football, other game previously played in the year are thrown out. The only thing that will matter on November 24, 2018 will be Michigan beating Ohio State, the gatekeeper to the college football playoffs for the Big Ten.

(Feature Photo Credit: Tony Ding/ AP Photo)


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