NBA 2K League Dismisses Wizards District Gaming’s top player “Boo”

For an unspecified reason, The NBA 2K League has made a major dismissal this week. The League has reprimanded Wizards District Gaming’s Austin “Boo” Painter by dismissing him from the Wizards 2k League as well as league play for the upcoming 2019 draft.

Austin “Boo” Painter lead the league in points per game, averaging 32.3 pts. Austin gave up, what some would say, a lot to join the NBA 2k League. He gave up a job that was paying him $78,000 a year. That salary to anyone would be lovely. Austin decided that playing video games for money is a lot better than going to work doing something you don’t want to do.

There has not been any news as to whether this punishment is just for this year, or forever. Hopefully Austin can get back into the league in the future, but until then, Austin StayHungry. The League will be needing your services soon.


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