Sports Bra Suspension at Rowan University

The US constitution said we are all created equal, so why is it that in sports we continue to give freedom to some and take from others? This is exactly what happened at a small university in Glassboro, New Jersey.

Rowan University decided to suspend the use of sports bras for the women’s cross country team. The team wears the sports bras during practice, and the athletic director said that the female athletes were distracting the football team. This statement in itself is absurd for so many reasons.

The school just built new facilities for the football, soccer, and Lacrosse teams. The women’s cross country team is the only team without team practice uniforms, making it difficult for the team to follow a dress code that is not there.

In Professional sports, female athletes wear sports bras all the time. It is a stylish fashion trend but also made for athletes to perform at their best. The materials used to make the sports bra allows for air flow, keeping the athlete cool while running.

No woman should have to adhere to rules that are sexist and degrading. The fact that the administration has not decided to put a stop to this sexist rule can tell you a lot about what they think of women.

Shame on you Rowan University administration.


(Feature Photo Credit: Runner’s World UK) 


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