Les Miles is back on the Field

Les Miles and Kansas are expected to finalize a deal that will bring the long time LSU head coach to Kansas. The Kansas Jayhawks are the butt of Big-12 jokes, and should be. The school has not had a winning season in more than a decade.

Les Miles is no stranger to building a program; in the early 2000s, he made Oklahoma State relevant before he departed for LSU in 2005. Les Miles won the 2007 National Title with the LSU Tigers and won a couple SEC Championships to go along with it. Les Miles has had a busy week as of late; finalizing the buyout with his former employer, LSU.

Les Mile has not been out of the lime light like most fired coached tend to do. Les Miles has appeared in a few commercials during halftime on Saturday. The first time we saw him was actually during the LSU-Miami game, when he was talking about grass.

Les Miles has always been a character, which might be why so many recruits loved to play for him. He was tough on his players on the field as well as his assistants. He was able to put many players into the NFL, like Odell Beckham, Leonard Fournette, and Patrick Peterson just to name a few.

Kansas will be the ultimate rebuild for any coach. Kansas has won a total of 137 games in the 33 years compared to Les Miles 141 wins in 16. the Jayhawks has had 22 losing season records in conference play. the Jayhawks football program is the complete opposite of their Basketball team. While the Basketball team continues to fight for championships year in and year out, the Football team is just trying to fight for a win.

I hope Les Miles can turn this ship around, because not too many coaches have been able.


(Feature Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated) 

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