Miami needs Kliff Kingsbury

Well it has been well documented over the last 10 or so years, Miami’s offense has not been anything like their in-state counter parts. Most would say Miami is stuck in the early 2000s rather than innovative.

I agree with this sentiment, I believe Miami has not developed the offense very well since 2002. But the solution to Miami’s problem might lie in the Big 12. The Big 12 has been known to have exciting offenses with horrible defenses. Miami’s defense is ranked inside the top-3 nationally overall, but with a horrible offense, that defense has gone to waste.

Miami should look no further than Kliff Kingsbury. He was just let go by Texas Tech as their head coach. He helped develop Kansas City Chief quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Miami has had a very tough time developing quarterbacks to go along with their talented receiving core. Kliff has had exposive players on his team before, but he has never had a talent pool like Miami at his disposal.

I know Mark Richt is a good head coach, but he is past his time when it comes to play calling. If Mark wants to win a championship, whether it is the ACC or National Title, he is going to have to give up play calling duties to a coach that knows the landscape of college football offenses.

His explosive offense would utilize Miami’s personnel, and would be very attractive to future recruits. Miami quarterbacks would get a guy who knows how to develop them to their full potential. Imagine if Miami’s offense was ranked 12th in the country! We might be talking about a rematch with #2 Clemson for the chance to play in the College Football Playoff.


(Feature Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated) 


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