Alabama is in the CFB Playoffs

Well this will not be a surprise to anyone, Alabama is playing in the college football playoffs…. again. We all can speculate how far the Crimson Tide ill fall if they were to lose to Georgia in the SEC Championship game over the weekend.

I would put all my money on Alabama getting in dropped to #4 in the college football playoff. It would not matter if Oklahoma or Ohio State win their respective conferences championship. All that matters is that Alabama would get in ahead of them no matter what. Georgia would jump Notre Dame, and  be placed at #2 while Clemson sites at #1. Georgia would play Notre Dame for a chance at the National Title game, and Clemson would play Alabama. To be honest, this senecio, no matter how far fetch it may be, is very possible.

The fact of the matter is that no matter what happens this weekend, Alabama would get in. The SEC Championship game means nothing. We saw what happened last season when Georgia beat Auburn in the conference championship game, that was suppose to be it for any other SEC team. The college football playoff is suppose to put the best teams in the playoffs, but they need to put in the clause that if you are in a conference you will need to win your conference to even be eligible.

I don’t hate Alabama or anything like that, I just want the college football playoff committee to be transparent and vote equally. Too many traditional powers are getting the head nod over quality teams just because of how long that school has been around. Why was Ohio State still ranked in the top-10 when they loss to Purdue that badly? Why was LSU still in the top-10 after losing to Florida and Alabama. I feel that a 16-team playoff would solve this problem. The conference championship games are pointless at this point, and voting on teams in the top-10 has become the battle of who likes who, and not, who is the better team.


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