Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury: Boxing has a true heavy weight match

We might be asking, “What happened to Deontay Wilder vs Anthony Joshua?” Well I am asking the same question. I wonder is it that Joshua is scared to put that fight on his plate, or is it the people behind the scenes that are putting this fight on hold until Wilder fights Fury this Saturday in Los Angeles, Staples Center.

Well we got a good match-up between Wilder and Fury. Tyson Fury is returning to boxing after taking a 2 year break after winning the heavy weight championship back in 2015. In that layoff, he was dealing with drinking and drug issues. He put on some serious weight in that lay off, but he found himself a trainer to get him back into shape and back into the ring. In his 2 year disappearance, two new heavy weight champions have taken his belt and claimed it as their own. Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, each hold heavy weight title belts. The expectation is that a match between Wilder and Joshua will happen, and that match will unify the belts. Ultimately creating the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world.

Some reports say that Mike Tyson was the last undisputed heavy weight champion of the world. So you can see why that fight between Wilder and Joshua is a so important. But before we see that match up, Wilder must take down a former champion.

Tyson Fury is no stranger to the ring. Fury has not loss a fight just like Wilder.  Fury is 27-0 with 19 knockouts. Fury defeated boxing great Wladimir Klitschko in an unanimous decision. Fury negated Klitschko right jab for most of the fight with quick counter punches.

This strategy would be one that could work well against Wilder. Wilder throws a strong right jab. Some consider Wilder’s right jab the hardest punch in boxing. Wilder has been known to throw wild punches which can get him into trouble. In Wilder’s most recent fight against Luis Ortiz, Wilder got caught a few times by Ortiz when Ortiz counter punched him. Wilder must stay humble in this fight because a strong punch can spell disaster for Wilder.

One thing I have noticed is that Wilder doesn’t have the strongest chin. In a few recent fights, when his opponent catches him with a quick punch to the jaw, Wilder’s legs have become weak. He looked like he was almost knocked out in the 7th round vs Ortiz after one of those shots to the chin.

This match-up will be a big test for Wilder and Fury. For Wilder, the question is “Can he knock out another champion?”, and for Fury the question is ” Is he back?”


My Prediction: Wilder wins in the 7th round.

(Feature Photo Credit : Boxing News/Action Images/Andrew Couldridge)

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