Kyrie Irving is magical

We all know that Boston Celtic’s point guard, Kyrie Irving, has skills that are not taught. His handles and his ability to get to the rim at will is amazing. But over the past week, Kyrie might have done something even more amazing then anything he has done in a game.

Kyrie was recorded training in a gym, but it was what he was doing that freaked people out and have some people asking questions.

When asked about the video, Kyrie responded by say it is Magic. He might be right. His balance in this video is not common. The only person we have seen pull off a move like that was the legendary, King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Kyrie credits magic and Nike for making his shoes the way they are. But if Nike is creating technology like that, how far are we from seeing jet shoes?

If you think Kyrie’s video is real or fake, leave your comment below.


(Featured Photo Credit: Boston Herald)

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