Worlds Weirdest Sports

I know we have come accustom to the traditional sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer. But there are some athletes in the world that are playing some crazy sports with crazy rules. Here are 5 of the Weirdest Sports in the world

1.  Snail Racing

Yes I said it, Snail Racing. You might have seen this type of sport before, but in a movie cartoon. The sport consist of Snail racing tp the edge of a circle for the victory. Their trainers are people who find this sport very interesting. The fastest time was 2:00 minutes. This sport is not something new; Snail racing was created back in the 1960s. Over 150 snails compete for the snail world championship. These snails are a lot faster than the average snail, but by how much… idk. But nonetheless, Snail Racing is a real sports, no matter how weird it is.

2. Bossaball

Named after an old Brazilian dance. This sport incorporates trampolines, volleyball nets, and a blow-up playing field. All in all, Bossaball is an extreme form of volleyball. The goal is the same, but you can use any part of your body to strike the ball across the net. This sport is creative, but it is more of a summer sport. Don’t expect to see high school from around the world picking this sport up anytime soon or ever.

3. Wife Carrying

They take the term marriage to a whole new level. The sports is basically a triathlon where a husband carries his or someones wife through an obstacle course. The wife must be heavier than 100 pounds. Whoever completes the course in the fastest time wins the race. This is sport is truly a team sport.

4. Tuna Tossing

In Australia the have their kangaroos, surfing, and tossing tuna. The sport is played during the Tunarama festival. The first event was played in 1979. The championship is played every year during that festival. It’s like a creative shot-put. The original competition was played with a real frozen Tuna until the people complained of wasting perfectly good fish and a bad economy. The sport is now played with a fake fish.

5. Ladder Climbing

This sports has been shown on social media for a few years now. Most of us probably thought this was just people playing around with a ladder, but it is actually a real sport. Racers run to try and see who can go through an obstacle course that requires the athletes to stop and climb up a wall that has several levels to it. This sport can consist of a relay portion to it as well.

So out of our 5 weird sports, which one do you find to be the weirdest?

(Feature Photo Credit: Bossaball Tourism)

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