#1 Alabama pulls a Dejavu on #4 Georgia

It was like dejavu in Atlanta. Alabama pulled off another huge 4th quarter comeback to beat #4 Georgia Bulldogs.

Georgia jumped out to a 14 pint lead, and it looked like they might avenge their national title loss to Alabama. The Georgia Defense were playing remarkable for 3 quarters, they had Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama’s Heisman Candidate, on his hills all game. Tua was taking some big shots, and he looked rattled for most of the game. Going into the 4th quarter, Tua was still not himself against Georgia. He would get knocked out after his linemen stepped on his ankle. Jalen Hurts, Tua back-up would take control.

Jalen was the starter for the entire 2017 season until the second half of the National Championship game against Georgia. like I said, DeJaVu. Jalen was 7/9 for  82 yards and a touchdown through the air in the 4th quarter. Jalen would end the game with the go ahead touchdown with a quarterback run.

Alabama did not play great in this game, but they made the adjustments when they had to. The Crimson Tide made the plays when they had to. The big story is Jalen Hurts bringing Alabama back in.

Georgia’s Jake Fromm had a 300 yard game with 3 touchdowns, but that wasn’t enough for Georgia to win. Fromm was pressured a lot more in the 4th quarter. Georgia’s offensive line was losing the battle up front. Georgia offense collapsed just like they did in the National Title game.

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