Wilder vs Fury ended in a DRAW!

In an anticipated boxing match, Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury was one that the boxing community was looking for. We were looking for answers to the questions we have had ever since Floyd Mayweather hung up his boxing gloves. Tonight we got some of those questions answered, and we were left wondering about others.

First question; is Deontay Wilder the real deal? This match-up put him up against a former heavyweight champion in Tyson Fury. Fury did not lose his belt in the ring, but due to inactivity. His most notable victory was against Wladimir Klitschko, the guy who controlled the heavyweight boxing division for over a decade. Since that match in 2015, Tyson Fury has dealt with some personal issues. In that time, Deontay Wilder has come up the ranks knocking 39 out of 40 boxers out.

But with that record why do we ask if Wilder is the real deal, well who has he beaten? Listening to boxing legend Mike Tyson in an interview, he asked the same question. The era in which the best boxers fight the best is over. Most of the good boxers in this era duck and dodge fights behind contract disagreements. Wilder was hoping to fight Fury so he could get to Anthony Joshua, the other Heavyweight champion. But after this performance and draw decision, that match-up might be further away.

Wilder came in filling confident, but once the fight began, Wilder looked like he had no formal boxing training. He is a heavy puncher with a one punch knock out go to swing, Wilder has never faced another great boxer like Fury. Fury has a style that is unorthodox but works for him. Fury showed Wilders flaws, and if Wilder did not knock Fury down twice in this fight, we good very well be saying the new heavyweight champion is Tyson Fury.

Wilder needs to go back to the drawing board and figure out a new technique. I think after watching Floyd Mayweather fight so long, we as fans learned a thing or too about true boxing. Floyd had patients, a variety of punching skill, an awareness of the situation, and stamina to go 12 rounds. Overall, Floyd knew how to defend himself. He never put himself in a position to get injured or knocked out for one. Wilder was the complete opposite. Fury looked like the more experienced fighter. He was patient, he picked his shots, he through clean punches and kept his feet moving. For a fighter that hasn’t been in a major fight in 3 years, he looked very good.

Is Wilder the real deal? I don’t believe so. Wilder has some technical issues that he must fix if he hopes to win a fight without knocking someone out. He must build his stamina. Wilder has been so focused on swinging his hardest with a knockout punch, he tends to use all his stamina too soon. When Wilder’s stamina goes he tends to swing wildly and not connect.

Like I stated before, I believe Fury had this fight until he was knocked down twice.

(Feature Photo Credit: Irish Mirror)

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