Oakland is Suing the NFL and Raiders

It has been known for some time that the Oakland Raiders are leaving to Las Vegas to become the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders have already begun to build their new state of the art stadium that matches the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas scene.

The Raiders were originally attempting to get a deal done with the city, but the temptation of going to the gambling party city of the world was too much. This is not the first time the Raiders left Oakland. Back in 1982, the Raiders left Oakland for Los Angles because of legal battles between owners. The Raiders would play in LA until 1995, when he city welcomed the NFL back with great enthusiasm.

As some may not have guest it, but the NFL brings in a ton of money to the cities they are apart of. The NFL is a natural tourist attraction. The stadiums become venues for concerts and other live events. The NFL brings jobs that might not have been there before, as well as a face lift to the cities they are in. Me being from Jacksonville, the Jags brought money and helped improve the city as an environment. Even now, the Jags have stimulated the local economy with the new venues they have built like the amphitheater.

The Raiders have a large fan base as it stands already. With fans from Oakland and the LA area, in should take no time for the Raiders to add a lot more with their move to Vegas. Vegas recently built the T-Mobile arena, and brought in a NHL team with the new Golden Knights. The Knights made a run for the NHL Cup and came up just shy of capturing it. Las Vegas brought in the Las Vegas Lights FC, a professional soccer team that began its first season in 2018.

With the Raiders joining the Knights in Vegas, I would not be surprised if the NBA join in on the madness. There are a few teams in the NBA who might be looking to move to the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas. 

In the federal suit, the city of Oakland contends that the NFL and its teams colluded to dismiss the cities counter proposal to keep the Raiders in the city. The city of Oakland is seeking millions in damages for losses it will most certainly get from the Raiders leaving. Golden State Warriors are also leaving Oakland in 2019. The city is truly losing everything!

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