Guys who should Transfer

I wouldn’t usually recommend anyone transferring from any school that they are a starter at, but with that being said. There are players who play at an institution but the scheme they are playing in doesn’t fit their style of play. One of those players is FSU running back Cam Akers

Yes, Cam Akers, the running back for Florida State. He is a terrific running back, but because of head coaching changes he is being under utilized. He is a downhill runner who is a great receiving back where a traditional or Alabama like offense would work best for him. The offense Jimbo Fisher recruited him for worked well for him. His offensive line was terrible for majority of his first two years at FSU.

I suggest he transfer to another program. Maybe Alabama, Texas, or Ohio State here his talent can be fully utilized. He is a dynamic player who could use a solid offensive line to show his ability. Even with Kendall Briles as the OC, I feel that the offensive line will need a serious over hall that 1 year can’t fix.

Florida State has another player who might need to consider transferring if the line does not improve. Deondre Francois has gotten the short in of the stick in his time at FSU. He came in highly recruited, and he did well in his first year as the starter, but after he was injured against Alabama to start the 2017 season, his play has declined. The main reason was that his head coach decided to leave for Texas A&M, and when he returned the offense had completely changed.

Francois is a good QB when he has time to throw, receivers who can run the right route and catch the ball. It was horrible to see Francois run around looking for help. I think if he transferred to a program that needs a quarterback with a good offensive line Francois would flourish.

The last player who should consider transferring is Jalen Hurts. Obviously we thought he should have transferred after he lost the starting job to Tua Tagovailoa. Jalen is a 26-2 starter at Alabama. He will be eligible to transfer after Monday since his would be a graduate transfer. Florida State or even UCLA might be a good fit for the dual threat quarterback. He would be an immediate asset for UCLA who needs a capable quarterback to run Chip Kelly’s offense. It shouldn’t take long for Jalen to win the job there.

I know it might seem wrong for a kid to transfer when they are either the starter or the first man up, but lets be real ere. Nobody goes to a D1 school just to play back-up or to be in a situation where your draft stock will take a hit. The offense that Florida State had when Francois and Cam Akers was recruited for is gone, and so is their head coach, Jimbo Fisher.

The last two Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks were transfers. Why not leave for your future. It might be wrong to jump from sinking ship when you are on a team, but when the captain leaves first than why not.

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