Boxers to Watch in 2019

As the world continues to look for the next Floyd “Money” Mayweather, boxing has had a very interesting slue of quality Heavyweight, Middleweight, and Welterweight fighters. The Pound-4-Pound king at the moment is Canelo Alvarez at the moment, but that is still up for debate. But with that being said, Boxing has become more interesting since Floyd went into retirement. Yea, Floyd did fight a kick boxer in Japan to end 2018 and begin 2019, and won in like 3 minutes. But other than that, the Boxing world is moving on from his era.

The Heavyweight division has 3 guys who are vying for the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world. Anthony Joshua, who holds the IBF, WBA, and WBO Championship belts at the moment. He has defended the belts against quality competition. The UK fighter is attempting to unify all the belts so he can be named the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World. The guys who stand in his way is technically only one guy.

Deontay Wilder. The Tuscaloosa, Alabama born American fighter is coming off a tough draw fight against Tyson Fury. Tyson Fury was knocked down twice in the late rounds, but if you are a true boxing fan, you knew that Fury won the match. He even got off the mat like The Undertaker from Wrestling. Fury took a few years off from fighting due to person battles he was dealing with. But all in all, his comeback was exceptional. He moved gracefully around the ring, Wilder missed almost the entire night. Wilder never hit the mat, but he was out boxed in everyday possible. He looked stiff and constantly looked to knock Fury out with a one punch knock out. Wilder and Fury will meet up again, and the winner of that match will face Joshua.

In Middle to Welterweight divisions, there are plenty of quality fighters. Canelo Alvarez is the guy to beat, but the match that makes since will be a match between Alvarez and Errol Spence Jr. Spence did say in 2017 that he would hop up a few weight classes to fight Alvarez. Errol has the speed and power that might give Alvarez a run for his money. Alvarez only loss is to Floyd Mayweather, who probably thought the Alvarez that not getting hit is the answer to winning. Alvarez beat Triple G in a quality fight as he last big fight.

Besides Alvarez, there is alway Manny Pacquiao. Manny isn’t the same fighter from a decade ago who took out the best one by one. But nevertheless, Pacquiao can still bring problems for fighters who sleep on the his speed and power. Adrian Broner is the next fighter who will get in the ring with the legend. Broner his a good fighter, at one point in time Broner was seen as the heir apparent to Floyd, but after his loss to Marcos Maidana, Broner’s flaws started to show. Broner is was cocky and a fighter who fought better in the later rounds than the early rounds. Most would say he could be undefeated if he would fight like he does in the late rounds the entire fight. Adrian Broner vs Manny Pacquiao will be a hot ticket.

The true heir to the Mayweather throne is only 20-years old. He is from Oakland, California and trains sometimes at the Mayweather gym. This guy is Devin Haney. He is a hard worker and a good trash talker too. The kid is a prodigy who knows that his time is coming. Haney will fight undefeated Xolisani Ndongen in his next match Jan. 11, 2019 on ShoBox: The New Generation.

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