QB 1: Season 2 Review

If you did not see season 1 of QB 1 that included Ohio States Tate Martell and Georgia’s Jake Fromm when they were in high school, then you should. It is on Netflix. Season 2 just came out, and it includes Justin Fields. The recent Georgia transfer quarterback who will compete against season 1 Tate Martell for the starting job at Ohio State.

This season was little more interesting. You got to see top quarterbacks with different athletic backgrounds and challenges. Justin Fields challenge was living up to the hype; Re-al Mitchell (Iowa State) dealt with height, consistency, and competition from his back-up; and Sam Hartman is a star quarterback at a new school with a completely new football program.

Each quarterback were all pretty solid quarterbacks, but what I like most about the show was that even tho Fields and Hartman were really good, they stayed humble. Fields knew he was the top quarterback in the country but never acted as if he was above it all. At 6’3, Fields showed an incredible arm and the speed and strength to break for long runs if needed. I would say he looked like Cam Newton in most games.

Sam Hartman had the toughest job out of all the quarterbacks on the show. Hartman was joining a football program that was barely anything. It was like an upstart football program that had managed to get Hartman’s former coach. Hartman would later sign with Wake Forest, but he had to lead a very inexperienced team. They won games because of his ability. I would say he had to be the most humbling quarterback out of both season 1 and 2. His back story on the health difficulties he had in his Sophomore season and the will to get back was also a testament to his toughness.

The last guy was more like a Tate Martell like kid, but not as talented in the arm department. Re-al Mitchell was actually on Season 1 when Martell’s Bishop Gorman played St. Johns Bosco. Bishop Gorman ended up winning that game, but Mitchell was a headache for Gorman. His speed and quickness made him dangerous. But fast forward to QB 1 season 2, and his arm did not improve. Re-al Mitchell was 5’10 to 5’11, and he was over throwing receivers. I don’t know if this is a west coast thing, but these quarterbacks constantly changed the plays that were being called by the coaches. Tate Martell was pulled for a down in season 1, but Re-al was benched. It just so happened that St. Johns Bosco had a big time back-up quarterback waiting in the wings.

At 6’5 238 lbs, DJ Uiagalelei, took the over as the starter. DJ showed the ability to see over the line for one, but also read coverages a little better than Re-al could. DJ would also follow the play that the coaches would ask him to run. DJ was also a dangerous runner; at 6’5 238 lbs, what high school defender going to hit that truck…. nobody.

All-in-all, season 2 of QB1 was great to see. I think student athletes get to see the best quarterback in high school football compete, but also kids get to watch them be kids. At the end of the day, these athletes were kids and acted as such. Skills and talents can take you far, but your personality would take you further.

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