Alliance of American Football League (AAF)

If you have not already noticed, but there’s a new pro football league starting in February, promptly after the NFL Super bowl. The new league is the Alliance of American Football or AAF. The AAF league is comprised of 8 pro football teams ran by former players, executives, and new wealth owners.

The league was started by Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian. Charlie is a entrepreneur who is best known for starting “The Company,” a production company. His goal is to change the way fans consume sports. Bill Polian is a long time NFL GM who built the Super Bowl winning Colts. He also was the GM being the 4-straight Super Bowl appearances with the Buffalo Bills.

The 8 teams involved with inaugural season will consist of the Arizona Hotshots, Atlanta Legends, Birmingham Irons, Memphis Express, Orlando Apollos, Salt Lake City Stallions, San Antonio Commanders, and San Diego Fleet. This cities were chosen strategically because of the markets they have. Many of these cities wanted an NFL team, but due to how difficult it is to move a franchise let alone own a team, they decided to make their own team for the new league.

The AAF hosted a few combines around the country; inviting former NFL and college stars who are free agents and looking for another opportunity to play. The league had a Draft as well. This will be the first league since the USFL to hopefully be successful.

Alliance of American Football

SportsHungry will do its best to cover and follow the new league. Good luck to the Alliance of American Football!

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