Manny Pacquiao Dominates Adrian Broner

Manny Pacquiao won this fight, but it was less about his skill or the power he displayed against Broner, but Broner’s inability to want to throw a punch. If you did not see the fight, then you might think Pac was looking like the old Pac, but it was nothing like that. Sure, Pac landed some solid shots, but Adrian Broner just did not throw punches in this fight. How are you going to win a fight if you don’t throw a punches?

I get it, AB was looking to counter Pac when Pac starts to throw a lot of shots without putting up his guard. That game plan would have worked well if AB would have thrown the punches needed. The counters were there, but AB hand we’re not. It was almost as if AB was protecting his hands. AB has had the tendency to start fighting in the later rounds after he has lost the first 5 or 6 rounds.

This strategy has been AB’s downfall since his first loss, and it continues to be. PAC would throw a multiple punches, and AB would counter with one swing instead of a one two combo. AB was just in the ring, but he was not the challenger. The only thing Pac was fighting against was the boredom he was getting for being in that ring. Some might say Floyd did the same against Pac, but we know Floyd counters with combo shots and not just one single jab. It was depressing to watch AB not understand or change his fighting style. The once heir to the Mayweather Pound-4-Pound crown is now just a fighter trying to stay relevant.

AB is an exciting person to watch fight, before the fight. He is a showman and AB can sell tickets just off his ability to play the villain. But when you play the Villain, you must be able to back-up your talk like one.

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