Recruiting Profile: 2020 WR Kentron Poitier (Miami Palmetto High School)

Every year there are great players that go off to some of the most prestigious universities to play football. Some are good at first when they get to campus, but with development and training these players become great. Then there are some players, very few, who are great coming out of high school and become elite before they even hit the NFL. Some are just made a little different. One of these players comes from Palmetto High School in Miami, Florida, where there is an over abundance of talented football players. For an athlete to stand out in Miami you must be on a different level from the rest. The guy I am referring to is the 6’4 210 lbs wide receiver, Kentron Poitier.

Kentron is a program changing type of player. He is listed at the same size as Julio Jones was when he came out of high school. That might be why Kentron wears the number 8. When Alabama landed Julio Jones, it was the beginning of the turning point for Alabama. Julio was the top wide receiver in the country, but what stood out most about Julio was that his ranking was not a fluke. He lived up to the hype, and to some, surpassing all expectations. Julio is arguably the best receiver in the NFL. Kentron looks to be in the same mold as Julio.

Kentron is a dual-sport athlete; playing football and basketball for Palmetto. Kentron has the speed and length like Julio, but might have the body type of Randy Moss. His ability to go up and catch the ball in traffic is phenomenal and a highlight reel waiting to happen. He is truly a mismatch for any corner that matches up with him. Kentron has tons of football offers from some of the best programs in the country such as Georgia, Auburn, Miami, Michigan, and a boat load of others. He also holds a basketball offer from Florida Gulf Coast University! He might have to decide between playing College Football or College Basketball.

Some may think comparing this young athlete to Julio jones and the great Randy Moss as over hyping him, but if you are in Miami and are able to see this kid play you might think differently. Great players become better at the right programs, and if Kentron lands at the right program, he could be the next Julio Jone, Randy Moss, or the first Kentron Poitier.

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