Recruiting Profile: 2020 ATH Khatavian Franks (Creekside High School)

Georgia has turned into a top-3 state when it comes to producing quality athletes at every position. Players coming from across the state are prime and ready to make an impact on the next level in any conference. One of the athletes in the 2020 class is 3-star athlete, Khatavian Franks. A 6’3 200 lbs player with a full head of steam.

In watching film on the Rising Senior All-Star, I noticed that Franks does something not many physically gifted players do, which is wrap up when tackling. Most athletes that are gifted with great size and speed try to destroy their target with bruit force, but Franks plays a little different. In almost every tackle on his tape was of him wrapping up the ball carrier. That to me shows he is coachable. In a few other plays, he takes the accurate angle to make a tackle, never over pursuing the ball carrier, never out of place. Sure he has to fill out a little more to utilize his frame to it perfection, but he does what the New England Patriots would consider his job!

Most who look at athletes look at just the power and natural ability of an athlete, but from his film, I see a player who is knowledgable of the game being played. He is always around the ball with the intent to get the ball carrier down. Franks played outside linebacker for the most part. Franks showed the ability to sniff out screens, and drop back into coverage to become an elite cover linebacker. Franks is a has a 3-star rating, but I never believed in ratings. The game is won by the guy with the most heart, the guy that wants it more, the guy that does the little things when everybody and nobody is looking. Franks is a fundamental football player, which is something that is missing in football.

Where ever Franks decides to call his school, will get a player that will pay attention to the details of the game like the greats who have come before him. The rising senior will get a lot more offers as the year continues.

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