The Rockets Experiment has Failed

It took a day to understand what has happened in Houston, TX besides the flooding, and what has happened is what happens all the time. James Harden and Chris Paul couldn’t get the job done.

Regardless of how you view these two superstars, they haven’t been able to get the job done. Whether they were in OKC (Harden) or LA (Paul), these two players can’t get the job done when it counts. It’s just simple. We understand that the Warriors have 5 All-star players and a All-Star 6 man, but you’ve played these guys over and over again, and the story never changes. Houston won’t win a championship with these two stars as the leaders of the franchise.

It’s time for Houston to do what LeBron is doing, go out and get another Superstar. If Houston doesn’t do the obvious, then they might fall behind LeBron when he pulls the Lakers back together. Houston faced a Kevin Durant-less Warrior team, and still found a way to lose. Curry had zero points in the first half, and by the time the clock hit 0:00 Steph Curry had 33 points. Houston might have improved offensively, but they suffered defensively.

The Rockets were so dominant in the regular season that they reminded us of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the first go round with LeBron, to start the season. If you can remember, those Cavs teams were so scary to play in the regular season that you were willing to give them the Eastern Conference Championship. But unlike those Cavs teams that reached the finals, or at least the Conference Finals, the Rockets have barely touched that stage. The Rockets have looked like they are thinking too much against the Warriors instead of just playing their game.

Great teams don’t worry about what the other team is trying to do, they focus on the task at hand. The Warriors know that every team they face are more worried about them then playing the game. Until the Houston Rockets get another Super Star, they won’t win a championship.

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