Andy Ruiz Jr. Stuns Anthony Joshua

Going into tonights fight against Andy Ruiz Jr, Joshua was expected to blow by the Mexican fighter in New York. He was expected to make his debut into the U.S. a memorable one, but Ruiz had other plans.

Ruiz Jr., had lucked into this fight. He wasn’t expected to fight Joshua because of a contender before him had already was selected to fight Joshua. Due to a failed drug test, the unnamed fighter, was replaced with Ruiz. Although Ruiz was focused on this one fight, Joshua had a lot of outside noise in his camp.

Earlier in the week, Heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder, had called out Joshua for dodging him. He expected to be the one in the ring to fight Joshua, but again, failed negotiations between the two camps had complicated things. The fight intern was never made. The other contender who is on the level of Deontay Wilder is Tyson Fury. Tyson called out Joshua as well for ducking an dodging fighters. He said it took him to come out of retirement to defend the United Kingdom. He also tried to fight Joshua, but it was blocked at the negotiation table.

Now after tonight, I don’t believe we will ever get the fight we wanted anytime soon. Joshua holds no belts at the moment after tonights loss, and now the battle as turned to Andy Ruiz Jr. to try and defend them. The Heavyweight division is not like any other devision. in the Ali and Joe Frazier era, fighters could lose and still have their champion like status.

Most spectators were ready to watch a part 2 fight against two great fighters, but ever since Floyd Mayweather made it clear that he never loss and is the greatest pound for pound fighter ever to lace up the gloves, new fighters believe they have to keep an unbeaten record to be a contender or a true champion. That is definitely not the case.

Now that Andy holds 3 championship belts, he must already know that Wilder and Fury are coming for him if they with stand their next matches.


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