Raptors Win Game 6 and First NBA Finals

With Kevin Durant out the picture, the Warriors has to rely on Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green to pull the second greatest comeback in NBA history.

The Raptors came out strong with Kyle Lowry scoring 21 pts in the first half. Siakam also contributed 21 pts by the 4th quarter.

In the 3rd, Klay Thompson started to put the game together and take over, but he would go down with a leg injury that looked a lot worse on the court than it was in the locker room after being checked. He was taken out for the rest of the game after further evaluation.

You would have to assume what happened to Kevin Durant had a huge influence on the decision to keep Klay out for the rest of the game.

Draymond Green had 18 rebounds, 12 assists, and 11 pts in this game. He played his role well that makes him a standout for the Warriors.

But it was the Raptors bench that came up big in this one. VanVleet, had 22 points coming off the bench. He hit some big shots in the 4th quarter that made the difference.

Pascal Siakam played big boy ball against Draymond Green. Scoring 26 pts in a huge game 6 performance.

Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors ended the Golden State Warriors run that by in itself is legendary. The Raptors bench should be given a trophy because they came up big in these finals that can’t be mistaken or pushed under the rug.

Steph Curry did not have his best game. he was 0-8 from the 3 point line, and with Klay Thompson out, Curry needed to be lights out from behind the arch and today it did not fall. I do believe the Curry and the Warriors will be back in the Finals next year, but the blue print to beat the Warriors is the blue print to beat a lot of great championship teams in todays era. You must play physical, you must play big, and you must rebound.

In the words of Kawhi Leonard “Board Man Gets Paid.”

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