Who will lead the Miami Hurricanes in 2019?

Heading into the 2019 College Football Season, there are a few story lines we need to look out for!

Who starts week 0 for the Miami Hurricanes?

Out of all the schools in college football, Miami has probably had the most eventful off-season of them all. At the end of the 2018 season, Miami’s head coach Mark Richt decide to hang up his coaching duties. He was back at his amomature for just 3 years, but in those 3 years he accomplished something that the past 2 head coaches couldn’t; win a bowl game.

Now with Mark Richt out at Miami, the dawn of The New Miami (TNM), has arrived in the form of a Miami Cuban-American native. Coach Manny Diaz, took over the job as Head Coach after serving as Miami’s defensive coordinator for the last 3 years. Before Manny was the defensive coordinator, it was the defense that was the big issue. Now in the next chapter of Miami football, Manny will have to bring Miami’s aged offensive system into the modern era. Manny was able to take Alabama’s quarterbacks’ coach and next in line to be the offensive coordinator in Coach Dan Enos.

Dan Enos will have to find out who will be the next quarterback of the Miami Hurricanes. The three candidates are 2018s co-starter N’Kosi Perry, redshirt freshman Jarren Williams, and Ohio State transfer Tate Martell. All three have their pros and cons.

Perry: Tall quarterback with experience in big games and comebacks. Throws a great deep ball, but has a tendency to force throws. Takes too many sacks when he could easily throw the ball away. Hesitates to make decisions when the pocket closes in. The game against Florida might be too much for Kosi when Florida’s Defense break through Miami’s Offensive line at any point in the game.

Williams: All who have seen this young man throw the ball have said that he is the most prolific passer out of the three quarterbacks fighting for the starting job. He is accurate, and has a solid arm. The knock on Williams is his lack of experience. He hasn’t seen the field except for clean up duty against an FCS opponent. Williams is a tall physically gifted quarterback who can move outside the pocket when it counts, in practice. I don’t know if Enos would want to take a chance on a QB that has no experience, but he has before in Alabama. Williams may have the least experience, but he has the highest future projection of all the QBs.

Martell: The Netflix QB1 series star from the high school power house Bishop Gorman out of Las Vegas, Nevada, is the projected starter for the 2019 season. Many media outlets have said that Martell’s past experiences in high school and his limited playing time at Ohio State makes him qualified to lead the Hurricanes into 2019. Martell is the modern quarterback; athletic, solid arm, mature, and confident in his abilities. With the Florida Gators on the horizon, maybe the most logical pick should be the guy with the swag and confidence most big time D1 quarterbacks have.

The guy that walks out of the tunnel against #8 Florida will have all eyes on him. He will be Manny’s first quarterback choice. He will have the fastest Hurricane offense we have seen in years, so besides a developing offensive line, there is no reason why he can’t beat Florida’s defense.

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