The College Athlete Can Get Paid! What’s the immediate impact?

If you have not heard, College Athletes can get paid for their likeness, names, and image. This is a huge shift from what the NCAA was stuck on for so long. Being committed to the term amateurism was the excuse the NCAA had used to keep college athletes from being paid for their likeness.

For years, Players were suspended for getting paid for the talent they had worked hard to get and maintain. College Athletics brings in Billions for the NCAA, and the players see little to none of the work they put in. Players have for years talked about hard time when they went hungry at night.

This change was made possible when the governor of California signed a bill that granted College athletes in the state of California the right to profit from their abilities like all other college students.

The change in the NCAA rules is a huge win for college athletes. But now what will the immediate impact be? Well, let’s just assume the schools that have been caught with players being paid from outside sources in the past should feel the most impact right? Maybe. There are rules that comes with this change:

  • Assure student-athletes are treated similarly to non-athlete students unless a compelling reason exists to differentiate. 
  • Maintain the priorities of education and the collegiate experience to provide opportunities for student-athlete success. 
  • Ensure rules are transparent, focused and enforceable and facilitate fair and balanced competition. 
  • Make clear the distinction between collegiate and professional opportunities. 
  • Make clear that compensation for athletics performance or participation is impermissible. 
  • Reaffirm that student-athletes are students first and not employees of the university. 
  • Enhance principles of diversity, inclusion and gender equity. 
  • Protect the recruiting environment and prohibit inducements to select, remain at, or transfer to a specific institution.

Although athletes in college can get the opportunity to get paid or compensated for their names and likeness, the universities can not treat the athletes like employees. The clear statement that the players are students first is a huge statement.

Bribery to get recruits or transfers from other schools is prohibited. We all want college football to remain a competitive environment even with the new change of heart by the NCAA.

All we can do is just wait and see what happens in the next few years with the change in the rule books.

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