What Happened to Miami?

Let’s get straight to the point…. Miami isn’t the Miami of the 80s, 90s, or early 00s,. Miami is at this present moment a second rate program in college football. As a fan I have hoped and even prayed for wins, but now I must not sugar coat what Miami has become. Yes, Miami can produce talent, but the talent is no where near as developed as they were in the hey day. Yes, a few go on to the NFL and out play their draft spot, but most disappear into the depths of the NFL.

For years now, Miami has not been able to get key players to stay a complete 4 years, and some who do, don’t have as great of a season as the the year prior. Miami has not figured out how to get the talent on their team to play up or above what they were rated coming out of high school. The odd thing is that those same caliber players leave to Alabama or Georgia or even Clemson and over produce. That means the coaching staffs at Miami have not been able to develop the talent it has.

Yes, I love the Miami Hurricanes, but man have I been disappointed. Not in just the players that are brought in, but the coaching too. Manny Diaz might be the guy the Canes need, but it’s the style of play that the coordinators he and previous coaches have allowed to go out onto the field and disappoint year in and year out.

At one point, it looked like Manny had to step in for Blake Baker, the defensive coordinator at different times during the regular season and bring some energy back into the defense. Which he should not have to do if you are suppose to be that good as a coordinator.

Now, the offense is a different story. The Canes haven’t had a quality offensive line in I don’t know how many years? The players on the Oline are simply not ready to play. Development has been the achilles hill for the Canes for almost a decade. Some players look like they should not even be on the field for at least another 3 years, but with the lack of depth and veteran leadership on the offensive line, we will continue to see the Miami offense struggle. It does not matter who you have under center if the offensive line can’t block. Remember, Football is the ultimate team sport where each piece needs to work for the others to succeed.

After the bowl game against Louisiana Tech, Miami should really consider changing the offensive scheme to a spread offense. This offense will allow for Miami to spread the defenses out and put the playmakers in position to make plays. Miami is literally a sleeping giant waiting for a coach and a set of players to awaken its true potential.

I do believe coach Manny Diaz can turn this program around, but it will take some cutthroat decisions this offseason for that to happen. Coaches don’t usually last long in college football when you continue to lose. Just look at the FSU, Willie Taggart was let go just after two seasons.

It has truly been a decade for Miami to forget!

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