Fight Night Round 2; Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder

In what has been an incredibly long year, Wilder and Tyson will meet once again, but only this time the odds of the biggest fight of the year ending in a draw is highly unlikely.

For over 2 decades, the boxing world was being held up by the welter-weight division with the pound – 4 – pound champ Floyd Mayweather sitting on the thrown. Nearly 2 years since the great Floyd hung up the gloves, the heavy-weight division has returned with Wilder and Fury at the top of the mountain….kinda. There’s still Anthony Joshua, but after his loss to Andy Ruiz last May and the rematch to regain the belts he loss, I have a hard time calling Joshua the top dog.

Wilders most recent fight was another rematch against Victor Ortiz, in which he got a 7th round knock out. That fight continues to remind us all that Wilder isn’t the most polished boxer by any stretch, but he has a sledge hammer for a right hand. If Wilder catches Fury slipping on February 22nd, Tyson might not get up like he did in the last fight.

As for Tyson, his last fight was against Otto Wallin who gave him a 12 round match that saw the right eye of Tyson open up. Tyson was still able to win the fight, but some wondered if he let a guy like Wallin open up his eye, we can only speculate what Wilder will do. Tyson’s ability to move around the ring with ease at that size is remarkable already, but to do it after getting knocked out for a few seconds is unbelievable.

This fight will be hard to bet on just because of how odd the two fighter are. One is a polished technical boxer, and the other is a big puncher with the ability to put any opponent to sleep. At 42-0-1, Wilder is looking to put the only blemish on his record to sleep. The only way Wilder wins this fight in my opinion is if he KNOCKS OUT Fury before the close of the 12th round. He escaped the last fight with his belt because of two knock downs. He either knocks out Fury or he takes a loss because of points.

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