Fury takes down Wilder in Round 7

The match we waited over a year for gave many a surprise ending, but to some an expected outcome. The story from the moment the rematch was scheduled was Wilder would have to knockout Fury to win this match. The outcome we got was Wilder’s corner throwing in the towel in round 7. Handing Wilder his first loss and Fury the Heavyweight Championship.

From the start the fight was lopsided. Fury executed his game plan flawlessly by attacking Wilder from the jump. Fury did not let up at all. Fury’s ability to stick and move against Wilder was all natural for him like in the last fight, but this time Fury threw more punches then the last. Connecting on 82 punches to Wilders 15.

Fury predicted a knockout in round 2, but instead settled for knocking Wilder down in the 3rd round and another time later in the fight. Wilder is known as a big puncher, and his inability to change up his game plan against Fury showed the flaws in his game.

Wilder was cut on the right ear and some believed his eardrum had blew as well on the right side. Wilder also looked to have a swollen jaw on the right side of the face. Fury attacked the right side all night, and that looked to be the difference. Fury said he wanted to taste blood, and in a clip being seen around the world you can see Fury licking the blood off Wilder.

Fury dominated the fight, and only time will tell if a second rematch will happen. The ball is in Wilder’s court if he wants to go for another round. If a rematch is not made then the next fight should be Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua. This would be another marquee matchup that will put the heavyweight division back in the headlines for sure.

If Wilder calls for a rematch then he will have to change his game up. That right hand is a true weapon, but he will need to set it up better. His boxing technique is off, and if he wants to reclaim is belts he will have to train himself to box better. Maybe take a trip to Vegas to learn from the Mayweather camp. All I have to say is Wilder will have to change up his game.

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