High School Players To Watch for in 2020 Pt. 1 (North Florida)

Every year there are a few players in the North Florida area that stand out above the rest. Mandarin’s Carson Beck, Oak Leaf’s Jalen Rivers and Chantz Williams, Sandalwood’s Jeff Sims, and Trinity’s Fred Davis are off to the respective Universities. It is time to look at who are the next group of athletes. We have made a list of the 5 players to watch for in 2020.

Walter Simmons III, QB, Oakleaf High School

The first kid on the list has to be the dual-threat quarterback com ing out of Oakleaf High School. The 6-2 signal caller is listed by 247sports at 180 lbs, which is expected for a high school quarterback, but based off the film he play stronger than his size indicates. Although he is listed as a dual-threat and runs like the Sandalwood alum/Georgia Tech signee Jeff Sims, he might be a stronger pocket passer than given credit for. I see a guy who stands strong in the pocket, but moves to create more time only when the play breaks down.

Simmons throws very well on the run with accuracy to get the ball into the tiniest windows. As a runner, he can run with the best of them. The part that I like most is his ability to power through defenders as well. He is not the easiest guy to bring down by any measure. Simmons is a physical of a quarterback as you are going to get. The part of his game I notice that might need some work is his deep ball accuracy. Granted, his receivers might not be the fastest on the field, but with a little extra touch, the ball will fall into the bread basket. The kid is talented, and I wonder why he is listed as a 3-Star prospect. His Junior year tape shines brighter than the 3 -Stars. The one thing I always say “Star don’t mean anything!” Simmons is a beast. Hudi Link

Ahmari Harvey, Safety, Florida High School

The 5-10 171 lbs safety is a solid as you will get in a cover specialist at the safety position. He may not be the biggest, but neither was Ed Reed. Based off the film, Harvey has an eye for getting the ball in his hands no matter where he is on the field. Most experts has Harvey heading to the Florida Gators once the recruiting process is all said and done, but nothing is set in stone until that NLI (National Letter of Intent) is sent in through the fax machine. Florida might be the best fit for him just due to the style of which he plays. Harvey would fit the Gators defensive scheme and could be an immediate contributor once he arrives on campus. Hudi Link

Patrick Bryant II, WR, Atlantic Coast High School

A 3-Star prospect with solid hands, Bryant is a guy to watch for heading into the 2020 High School Football season. He was Second team All-State in the class of 7A. Based off the film he is a guy who can win the jump ball, catch in traffic, and break away from defenders. He should get every teams best corner in 2020 with his natural ability to catch the ball. What school that gets his commitment will have a little polishing to do when it comes to route running, but he has the best quality that you should want in a receiver…… Bryant can catch the football. So many players look like studs in 7-on-7, but when the lights and pads are on they can’t catch when the ball is thrown across the middle. Bryant is that guy who can catch the ball with 1-hand, 2-hands, maybe with no-hands. The kid can make plays. Hudi Link

Jeffery Davis, CB, Fletcher High School

The Class of 2021 in Jacksonville will not have any shortage of talent on the defensive side of the ball. Fletcher High School will feature a stud on the outside island in Jeffery Davis. Davis has good size for today’s style of play for corners. Solid coverage skills and a willing tackler. You could consider him as an underrated corner in this class. Based off film he plays both man and zone, with the ability get interceptions from wherever he is on the field. He will be matched up against a few solid wide receivers this year in 2020. It is with my understanding that he could be a huge steal in the class of 2021. Jacksonville has been putting out crazy talent over the last decade or so and Jeffery Davis is definitely one of them.

Jaheim Singletary, CB, Lee High School

The Lee General product is expected to be the best corner coming out of Jacksonville since Clemson signee Fred Davis out of Trinity. At 6’1 170 lbs, the rising junior is expected to be a solid force in 2020. He is being chased by all of the major D1 programs, with Florida potentially being the front runners for his services when he becomes eligible. He is the youngest player on this list so far, but with so much hype behind him we had to put him on this list. Singletary was a pivotal component to the Generals making a solid run in the playoffs. A few more years in the weight room and some more development in his technique, Jacksonville could have Derek Stingley like player.

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