Todd Gurley Effect on Running Back Contract.

Take us back 2 years when Todd Gurley recurved the largest contract for a running back in NFL history, now fast forward to today…… as of today Todd Gurley is a free agent. As of today Todd Gurley is looking for a new team as an injured running back. Todd Gurley’s contract is the reason why teams don’t want to pay running backs top dollar.

Guys like Derrick Henry will just have to deal with this unfortunate fact. Henry was a huge reason why the Titans went so far in the playoffs last year, but his QB, Ryan Tannehill, was the one who received the large contract extension. A 4-year $118 Million, $62 Million fully guaranteed contract.

Last year, Cowboys’ running back Ezekiel Elliott held out to get his new deal. It was a $90 Million contract that exceeded Gurley’s contract from the previous year. Even Le’Veon Bell held out for an entire season when he was with the Steelers just to get a new contract with the Jets. But under the new CBA, holding out gets you a steeper fine and has the potential to have long-term effects on a players league standing.

Nevertheless, because of how Gurley’s play deteriorated since that record breaking contract, the running back position will continue to be devalued.

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