Could This Be The Best CFB Season Ever!

The College Football Season is still hanging on by a thread; one Coronavirus outbreak and it’s over for everyone. I don’t know if that will happen or not, but until or if that happens I will speak on what could happen from this season.

By now most of us know that the Big Ten and PAC-12 conferences have decided to cancel the fall season and possibly move it to the spring , which is a dumb idea, but nonetheless less the Big 12, SEC, and the ACC will continue to march forward. The three conferences are doing conference play only seasons. So they will be playing only in their conference and that’s it. For the Big 12 we will most likely see Oklahoma and Texas rise to the top, and possibly the Kansas Jayhawks to shock the Big 12. I just think Les Miles will turned that program around with a physical style of play that the Big 12 has been missing for quite sometime now.

As for the ACC, it looks like it could be a Clemson walk through again.This could be a tough season for Clemson because North Carolina looks like a contender offensively, but a crippled secondary due to Op outs could halt their progress. Clemson will also play a Miami team that has introduced totally different offense with a dynamic quarterback. Miami’s defense of line looks to take over this season, but Miami will have questions in the secondary of this defense. The vets at the cornerback position have to play better if Miami intends to stand up against the aggressive offenses they will face this year. It’ll be interesting to see how the season turns out for the Canes.

Now the most exciting conference to watch will be the SEC. We’ve all been wanting to see what an all conference schedule in the SEC would actually look like, and it looks good! A few teams got the death penalty for a schedule this year like Arkansas. The Razorbacks added Georgia and Florida to go along with Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M, and Auburn. What a way to bring in a new head coach. The Op-outs will probably hurt the match-up between Florida and LSU, but it still should be an exciting game to watch. The story lines From the SEC might read like this “Will Florida Get Past Georgia?”, ” Can LSU Repeat?”, “Is Alabama Still Alabama?” All questions that will be answered by the end of the season. Florida vs Alabama is my SEC Championship match-up of choice.

SEC Schedule/ Projections via The Large Dawg

The only thing that is up in the air is how will the final four work? Will the final four happen? I believe the SEC will have two teams in the Final Four unless the ACC or Big 12 show some improvements besides Clemson and Oklahoma. Don’t get me wrong here, I would love to see Ohio State play this year, but the season must go on and it should.

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