NFL Top 8 Quarterbacks

It’s that time of year where we talk about the upcoming NFL season, and today we are hitting on the Top 8 quarterbacks in the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes

Like Shannon calls him, Mahome-boy. He hasn’t even finished his rookie contract yet, and he is a super bowl champion. His style of play is Aaron Rogers 2.0. He is faster than Rodgers, a stronger arm than Rodgers, and as fearless as Rodgers. The only difference is that Mahomes has done what Rodgers has but faster. Mahomes will have competition for the top QB for years to come. That comp will come from mainly the AFC , which has a ton of young talented QBs who are leading the charge for the next generation of the NFL. 2019-2020 stats:

2019Kansas City Chiefs1448431965.9140318.38326517636.365017127105.3

Aaron Rodgers

Although he came up short in the NFC Championship Game, he is still an elite QB. It’s been years since the Packers gave the keys to Rodgers after spending years with Brett Farve as the driver. Rodgers has one Super Bowl ring, but the pursuit for another will be harder to come by as he gets older. He continues to throw for ____ yards and _____ touchdowns, but it is leadership and will to win that will get him back. Patrick Mahomes and his high speed offense will be a huge roadblock for years to come, but the Rodgers is just the guy to knock it down with a sledgehammer. 2019-2020 stats:

2019Green Bay Packers1656935362.04400277426418933.22523628495.4

Russell Wilson

When Russell made it to the Super Bowl for the first time, he was a young kid leading a group a vets to the championship. The Seahawks had the veteran talent on defense and offense, all they needed was a QB and a head coach who was daring enough to get to the Championship. Fast forward to 2020, and the Seahawks are contenders with a veteran QB who needs offensive pieces to get back to the Super Bowl. 2019-2020 Stats:

2019Seattle Seahawks1651634166.09411086031519036.825548319106.3

Drew Brees

With his final season fast approaching, Brees is still one of the most elite players in the league and let alone at the quarterback position. He has continued to slice a dice defenses in the NFL, but based on the numbers of the last two seasons he has hit a wall. The numbers in 2019 was his lowest since he was traded to the San Diego Chargers back in 2005. The Chargers aren’t even in San Diego anymore. Brees is what makes the Saints roll. In his last campaign, Drew Brees has one last chance to win another Super Bowl. He is a future first ballot Hall of Fame guy, and an all-time legend. He holds countless regular season NFL records which are testaments to his greatness. Top 5 QB at age 41. 2019-2020 Stats:

2019New Orleans Saints1137828174.3429797.96127415942.06371289116.3

Tom Brady

The GOAT, The King, The Legend, Tom Brady is still a Top 5 QB at age 42. For the first time in his 20 year career, Tom Brady will be suiting up for a different team. The Buccaneers of all teams, but a different jersey nonetheless. Tom didn’t play his best these last two years even though he captured his 6th super bowl title in 2018 in a rematch against the Rams. The reason for that can be put on his age or even the cast put around him. Tom has had only one season in his career where his team talent wise was arguably the best in the NFL; that year the Patriots went 18-1 and had Randy Moss. Tom threw for 50 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions that year. For most of the latter part of his career, Tom has been tasked to pull and drag the Patriots to wins and super bowls which is a huge reason why he wanted to b e on a different team. The weapons around him in Tampa is far superior to what the Patriots currently have or have had since 2007. Also, Brady and Bill Belichick are at odds with one another, and both have something to prove. With that being said, I have Tom Brady as the last member of my top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL. 2019-2020 Stats:

2019New England Patriots1661337360.8540576.65924819331.48602718588

Carson Wentz

Is this the next Big Ben… possibly, but he has to stay healthy. Wentz is a Super Bowl champion with an astrid because he didn’t play in the actual playoffs. He was injured through it all. Last year he put the Eagles on his back with a receiver less offense. The Eagles were desperately in need of wide receivers last year, but without those pieces Wentz still managed to get the Eagles to the playoffs. Although the Eagles made it there, Wentz was knocked out the game on the first drive, and ending all hope for the Eagles to return to the Super Bowl. Wentz is on this list because great quarterbacks can lead a team to great heights with limited weapons around them. Great quarterbacks are the great equalizer against dominant defenses. Wentz’s future is bright, and when the Eagles add more pieces around him, they will return to the Super Bowl.

2019Philadelphia Eagles1660738863.9240396.75327721335.09523723093.1

Lamar Jackson

The most electrifying player in the NFL since Michael Vick. Heading into his third season, Lamar has lead the Baltimore Ravens to the playoffs in both seasons and he has captured the NFL MVP award; the Heisman of the NFL. In just two seasons, Lamar has made almost every reporter and analysts who said he should change his position to a wide receiver eat their words. He is a generational talent who can change the dynamics of the game is many ways. The 2020 NFL Draft number 1 overall pick is older than Lamar Jackson, so he has a lot of time to grow. His teammates and coaches believe in him, and that is all that matters. He shows great passion for the game of football, and he is what fans want to see. A player who is having fun playing the game as it should be. It was only a matter of time for the college game to change the NFL, and Lamar Jackson is that change. The offense he runs is more complex than the college game obviously, but the playbook plays to the strengths of the Quarterback very well. 2019-2020 Stats:

2019Baltimore Ravens1540126566.0831277.88336616140.154223106113.3
Lamar Jackson (Through The Air)
2019Baltimore Ravens1517612066.94777140.341118
Lamar Jackson (On The Ground)

Deshaun Watson

Watson is expected to reach the heights that Mahomes and Jackson has already reached, but unlike either of those great quarterbacks, Watson has a terrible head coach. Watson will have to make things happen on the field this year without one of the greatest wide receivers in the NFL, DeAndre Hopkins! This will be the test that we’ve wanted to see. Can Watson bring the Texans to the playoffs without Hopkins? Since College, Watson has had more weapons or the weapon that other quarterbacks would love to have, so now that he is without Hopkins, I wonder if his abilities will continue to shine. Texans are in a division where he can shine, with the Titans as possibly the only true competition. He will get dual against a Hall of Fame quarterback in Phillip Rivers in Indy, and a fan favorite in Jacksonville. I expect Watson to do well, but his number could really suffer.

2019Houston Texans1549533367.2738527.854261219138.59474425798

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