Tanking for Who??? We Believe In Minshew!

What most was expecting from the 2020 Jacksonville Jaguars was a team who was looking to position themselves to get Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Most experts scouts and media analysts consider Lawrence a sure fire #1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. “A generational talent.” If you were following the Jaguars over the last two years or even just this past month, where the Jaguars traded all there star players from their 2017 AFC Championship appearance, you can make a valid conclusion that the Jaguars are moving into the “Tanking” direction.

Second year quarterback, 2019 sixth round pick out of Washington State, the man with the stash Gardner Minshew, wasn’t informed about the plan to tank this year. He had an outstanding performance that included 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. Completing 95% of his passes. Minshew was sharp in his 2020 debut and have some of us asking if Minshew is the answer to Jacksonville‘s problem at quarterback? He has been poised in the pocket since he took over. If the Jaguars are planning to build, why not build behind Minshew?

In the 14 games he played in in 2019, Minshew threw for 3,271 yards, 21 touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions. Completing just above 60% of his throws. For a rookie with a horrible offensive line, Minshew did well.

Today to start off the 2020 season against the Colts I saw a offense with a lot of young pieces with something to prove. Jacksonville started a rookie free agent running back out of Illinois State University, a rookie wide receiver, and a rookie corner. Each piece took turn making plays that the Jaguars can build off of. I’m not saying Minshew is a definite sure fire franchises quarterback, but if he plays well and lead the Jags to a salvageable 8-8 season I say take a chance with Minshew.

Just remember Tom Brady was a sixth round pick to the Patriots, and all he has done is win Super Bowls.

(Feature Photo Credit B/R Twitter)

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