The Big Ten Is Back

Together we stand, but divided we fall! The words that define the movement by the parents, players, coaches, and the President of the United States to get the Big Ten back on the football field. But why are we surprised by the resiliency of the Big Ten, which schools reside in what the older generation of Americans might say “The Blue Collar” towns of America. The land where the old factories and steel mills are that use to power America forward into the future.

The people who were from that area of the country were a group of people that were different from the rest. They unionized to get things done and what they wanted. They did not fold when the higher authorities of management tried to walk over them with decisions that hurt the future of the families in that region. So no one should be surprised that the descendants of these great people are still holding true to their bloodline. Together we stand, but divided we fall.

Now with the Big Ten returning to the field in October with an 8-game schedule, the college football playoff committee will have a tough decision to make. How do you judge a team who goes 8-0 to a team that went 11-1? We all know that Ohio State is the clear cut favorite to represent the Big Ten in the college football playoffs. if the Buckeyes or any other Big Ten team are undefeated going into the last week, do you put them in the playoffs or do you put the team that had 12 tough conference games and came up short once in?

It will be interesting to see how everything shakes out when it comes to voting time. Somebody will be getting left out of the playoffs.

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