Deion Sanders Go Big or Go Home In Recruiting

It hasn’t even been 24 hours and the ink is still not dry and Deion “Prime Time” Sanders has already sent out offers to some of the nations best high school recruits. Somme may think it’s a loss cause to try and get a 5-Star talent to an HBCU, but why not reach for the best of the best?

A few months back at the peak of the George Floyd murder riots, top athletes were saying they would love to at least be able to consider an HBCU, but we were enlighten that most HBCUs don’t even offer the top athletes. They come to a pre-conclusion that it’s not worth reaching out to guys who are just gonna pick the big schools anyway.

With Prime Time in control at one of the more recognizable HBCUs, he won’t shy away from competition on the recruiting trails. One thing about football is that a team with heart can beat a team with talent. If Prime can get some talented recruits to buy into the HBCU life and develop the talent to compete on any level, I can see this as the first huge step into what could be the beginning of top black players playing at HBCUs.

There has been a few players on the FBS level that have transferred to an HBCU this year, but Coach Prime has already gotten a commitment from a SEC transfer just 36 hours on the job. Mississippi State Freshman cornerback, Javorrius Selmon, is the first Power 5 transfer to commit to Jackson State. Selmon was a 3-star cornerback that signed in the 2020 class who opted out this year.

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