Kyle Trask Should Return To Florida

There’s not too many times I would consider giving a specific player any kind of recommendations, but this one seems obvious to me. I believe Florida QB star Kyle Trask should bypass the NFL this year and return for one last ride.

Yes, he did ball out in 2020, but he still didn’t get an overall 1st round grade on his performance. The smart money is on him falling in the draft to the 5th round at the earliest. I know Gator fans don’t want to hear that their best QB in years isn’t an elite NFL prospect, but it’s the truth.

The truth is that most NFL teams have already drafted young talented elite QBs within the past 5 years, so it will be difficult for Trask to come in and start. Yes, he can sit behind a guy but the potential doesn’t look high at this point.

If Trask returns next season he would put himself at the top of the 2022 draft. He’s already proven he can take over a game and win, but now he has to improve on the little details.

Last nights loss to Oklahoma shows that Trask needs almost a perfect set of receivers to win. In a time where the NFL is transitioning from the Tom Brady era of QBs to the new generation like Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen, he will be heading into a league where he is a back-up.

(Feature Image : Alligator Army)

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