Epic Games & The Unreal Engine 5

Epic Games has always been a big player in the gaming world, but with the introduction of the Unreal Engine 5 Epic Games has taken in game graphics and realism to an unbelievable level. It’s almost unreal.

The Unreal Engine was originally created in 1995 then fully completed and developed alongside the first person shooter game Unreal. The previous models of the Unreal engine has been key to the development and growth of various games, films, and T.V. shows like Disney’s ” The Mandalorian.” The goal of the Unreal Engine has always been to make it easier on developers to create incredible games and graphics that rivals films.

One of the biggest games in the world, Fortnite, was created released in 2017 by Epic Games. An online game battle royale game that allows up top 100 players to play at a time on one grand map. Fortnite has been using the Unreal Engine 4 since its release, but has recently moved on to the Unreal Engine 5 this year. The game is the first major test for the new engine because its mission is to not only look like film quality, but to also allow for creators to build massive immersive worlds for players will get the ultimate test.

Epic Games released an incredible video of how powerful the Unreal Engine 5 really is. The video is from an interactive Matrix experience featuring the Matrix star Keanu Reaves as a fully digital and very realistic avatar.

You can start to ask yourself about how far will the new engine take gaming and how will it get us closer to a fully realized immersive Metaverse. We can only speculate and imagine through the movies like “Ready Player One” how gaming and life will take the next big leap.

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